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The Canadian Premiere of “Katips”

The Canadian Premiere of “Katips”
The film is an excellent allegory for the time of martial law. During the "first quarter storm," protesters against the Marcos government took to the streets almost every day. During the country's worst economic and political crises, a new generation of Filipinos became more politically engaged. This film was made to disprove the notion that the Marcos era was a glorious period for the Philippines.

Media Release

The Malaya Movement Canada is pleased to present the award-winning film musical drama KATIPS on its Canada Premiere and Tour!

The film screenings in the different cities are organized in collaboration with Bayan Canada, International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines (ICHRP)- Canada, Canada Philippines Solidarity Organization (CPSO), Anakbayan Canada, Philippine Advancement Through Arts and Culture (PATAC),  Migrante Canada, Bicol Canada Community Organization, Kamalayan Collective, Radyo Migrante,  Kabayan for Leni,  the Philippine- Manitoba Historical Society, Manitoba Bayanihan, Friends for a Democratic Philippines, Filipinos Rising, Centre for Philippine Concerns (CAP-CPC) and the Filipino Parents Association of Quebec.

In 2021, the Philippine Stagers Foundation produced KATIPS, a film adaptation of its 2016 stage musical. The film depicts the lives of a group of Katipunan-area student activists (KATIPS) in the 1970s who resisted the Marcos Sr dictatorship and martial law. Based on true stories and the personal experience of Vince Tanada, the Director and actor of KATIPS, the film aims to share the truth and educate young people about what happened during the dark period of martial law.

Katips was screened for the Philippine press in November 2021, and for the general public in December 2021. It was intended to be a part of the 2021 Metro Manila Film Festival, but was omitted from the final entry list. In August 3, 2022, it was  again screened to compete with the release of the film Maid in Malacanang. Viewers and critics praised the film KATIPS favourably. The film was nominated for 17 FAMAS Awards, the most of any 2021 film, and won seven, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor  for Tanada, Best Cinematography and Best Original Song. KATIPS is also the first musical film to win the best picture in the 70th  year history of FAMAS.

The film was shot using various styles. It has been described as incomparable to any other historical musicals that have ever been done in the Philippines with its use of pseudo-realistic techniques and metaphors.

The film KATIPS has screened nationwide in the Philippines. It had successful screenings in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan, and is now being released in Canada.

We invite you to the following screenings of the musical film KATIPS. Detailed info on tickets and screening details, visit : https://bantaykasaysayan.com/

  • Edmonton, 30 November | CCIS building, Rm L2-190, University of Alberta
  • Calgary, 1 December | Globe Cinema 617 – 8th Avenue SW
  • Winnipeg, 4 December | Canadian Museum for Human Rights 85 Israel Asper Way
  • Vancouver, 5 December |  Labatt Hall, Simon Fraser University, 555 Hastings Street
  • Montreal, 6 December | Sylvan Adams Ym-Ywha
  • Toronto, 10 December | Innis Hall, University of Toronto

We hope to see you at the movies! Let us become and remain informed. Yes to historical accuracy! ###