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SULONG BC celebrates Bonifacio Day

SULONG BC celebrates Bonifacio Day
Sulong BC has held Bonifacio Day events annually to educate and organize Filipinx youth and students on Philippine diaspora issues and the fight for national democracy.

In honor of Bonifacio Day, Sulong BC will screen the 2014 Philippine historical action-drama film “Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo” on November 30. Sulong BC is a student and youth organization in British Columbia (BC) that is affiliated with Anakbayan Canada.

The movie is about the life of the Katipunan revolutionary Andres Bonifacio. It was an official entry in the 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival. After the Cavite Mutiny of 1872, GOMBURZA is put to death. The movie then shows what else happened that year. On July 3, 1898, Dr. Jose Rizal started La Liga Filipina as a peaceful reform movement. Its goal was to bring all Filipinos together and give them a single voice. Andres Bonifacio is a part of it.  In the end, the Spanish government finds the group and puts Rizal in jail. So, Bonifacio forms the Katipunan and decides to lead a revolution against the Spanish colonizers.

Bonifacio Day events have been held annually by Sulong BC in an effort to educate and organize Filipinx youth and students on issues concerning the Filipinx diaspora and their fight for national democracy in the Philippines.

“Bonifacio Day: Film Screening and Discussion” is a 6 p.m. event at Bahay Migrante, 4974 Fraser Street.