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Retired PMA graduates write BBM an appeal letter

Retired PMA graduates write BBM an appeal letter

December 30 2023

His Excellency Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr.

Dear Mr. President,

With all due respect, we, the  undersigned and retired graduates of the Philippine Military Academy, suggest:

 1. That the 2024 national expenditure program (NEP) match the projected ₱4,184.4 billion 2024 national revenues. This can be done by eliminating corruption that eats about 20% of the annual budget, eliminating pork barrel hidden in different names, eliminating the ₱450 billion unprogrammed fund, reducing the allowances of the different committees in Congress, eliminating unnecessary travel expenses, reducing intelligence and confidential funds, removing the overpaid and unnecessary positions in the government, selling the perennial losing GOCC (government-owned and -controlled corporations), having more PPP (Public-Private Partnership) projects to reduce to the minimum funds for constructions that are sources of kickbacks, and practicing austerity in all government offices. With a total ₱6,776.5 billion projected deficits, from 2023 to 2028, the unbelievable annual GDP growth rate of 7.3% for six years, and the 11.5% annual increase in our national budget for six years, our government will likely become bankrupt before the end of your term. Please be reminded that the Central Bank was bankrupt before your family left the Philippines in 1986.

 2. That the implementation of the Maharlika Investment Corporation be totally stopped and the ₱50 billion and ₱25 billion of Landbank and DBP, respectively, be immediately returned to them. As earlier pointed out by economic experts, the MIC cannot be justified mainly because the government does not have excess funds and its investment portfolio is highly speculative. Please be reminded that the salaries and pensions of all government employees are deposited in Landbank. Any adverse development in Landbank will cause panic among us.

 3. That Finance Secretary and Landbank Chairman Benjamin Diokno be fired immediately for investing ₱50 billion of Landbank’s equity in MIC. He violated the single investment ceiling and compromised the stability of Landbank. In addition, he insulted the MUP (military and uniformed personnel) and trivialized their roles as defenders of the country, consequently diminishing their trust and confidence in our government and in your leadership.

 4. That all the 20 senators and 100 congressmen listed in the affidavit of Janet Lim Napoles in connection with the pork barrel scam be investigated and those who are incumbent senators and congressmen be made to go under preventive suspension, without pay and allowances, until the investigation is over. Napoles is now in prison. In the interest  of fairness and justice the erring senators and congressmen should not be treated above the law. Congress was called “the Philippines’ biggest criminal syndicate,” in the December 30, 2013 issue of BizNews Asia. Congress is the top obstacle to the progress of our country.

Please be informed that we voted different presidential candidates in May 2022 elections, but now we are one in wishing you success because your success is our success and your failure is also our failure.

May God give you more wisdom and discernment as you lead us during these critical and challenging times.

Most respectfully,

1. Col Salvador B Calanoy IV ‘84

2. PLtGen Columbia Isidro S Lapeña ‘73

3. LtCol Alexander Quirante ‘72

4. Capt (PN) Ephraim Rio ‘74

5. BGen Roberto Santiago ‘68

6. Commo Justo Manlongat ‘69

7. Col Hector Tarrazona ‘68

8. RAdm Rufino Lopez ‘74

9. BGen Carlito Gamit ‘74

10. MGen Alphonsus Crucero ’74

11. PBGen Errol T Pan  ’74

12. Col Ricky dela Paz ‘74

13. LtCol Oscar Mallabo ’74

14. BGen Roland Rodriguez ’74

15. Capt (PN) Winston G Arpon ‘64

16. Col Alfonso O Rivera ‘66

17. PBGen Aaron Fidel ‘79

18. PMGen Ramsey L Ocampo ’70

19. Capt Rafael Enriquez ‘57

20. Commo Vicente Buenaventura ‘57

21. PMGen Gil Meneses ‘80

22. BGen Oscar Cabaron ‘68

23. Col Isidro P. Benitez ‘82

This is another set of officers who have valid grievances most are classmates of Esperon