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Migrants Mass: Remembering Flor Contemplacion

Migrants Mass: Remembering Flor Contemplacion
Rev. Expedito Farinas with the congregation of St Mary the Virgin and Migrante BC after the joint service. (Photo credit: St Mary the Virgin South Hill Church)

Vancouver, BC.— St. Mary the Virgin South Hill Anglican Church and the grassroots Filipino migrants group Migrante BC held its joint church service last Sunday, March 17. It was also a day to remember Flor Contemplacion whose death anniversary fell on the same day.

Lighting of the candles and saying the prayers around the memorial altar led by Rev Expedito Farinas. Bottom right photo: Flor Contemplacion (Photo credit: St Mary the Virgin South Hill Church)

It was 29 years ago in 1995,  that domestic worker Flor Contemplacion was falsely convicted and executed by the Singapore government on alleged murder charges.  Her death happened during the administration of then President Fidel Ramos and remains the symbol of the government neglect of  Filipino overseas migrant workers. Her death shocked and angered many Filipinos inside and outside the country and provided an impetus to the founding of the Migrante International in 1996, which has grown into the biggest organization of overseas Filipinos all over the world.

At the end of the service, Father Expedito Farinas called the congregation and Migrante members to gather round the memorial altar for the lighting of the candles and the prayers for the dead in remembrance of Flor Contemplacion.

Migrante International estimates that every day, at least 7,000 Filipino men and women leave the Philippines to work abroad, a national reality called forced migration that pushes Filipino workers to leave their families behind to support their families and put food on the table.

The Migrants Mass is a  regular joint service every third Sunday of the month and  is part of the Migrants Ministry of St. Mary the Virgin Church.  All are welcome to visit St Mary the Virgin Church and join their services at 808 East 50th Avenue in Vancouver. ###

St Mary the Virgin Anglican Church (Photo Credit:St Mary the Virgin South Hill Church))