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PATAC announces key appointments

PATAC announces key appointments
The PATAC Constitution and Bylaws clearly state that the board of directors fills vacancies until the next general assembly, where officers are elected.

Press Release


December 20, 2022

The Board of Directors of the Philippine Advancement Through Arts and Culture (PATAC) held a virtual meeting on 20 December 2022 to make new appointments to the positions of president and treasurer following the untimely death of Paulina Corpuz, the organization’s previous president. Paulina Corpuz, who passed away in November, was a prominent community leader who was instrumental in establishing June as Filipino Heritage Month in Toronto. It also sparked the start of Filipino heritage month in other parts of Canada.

Ben Corpuz, husband of former PATAC President Paulina Corpuz, was unanimously elected as the organization’s new president by the current board of directors. The appointment was made in response to a vacancy that needed to be filled in order for the organisation to continue operating effectively and uninterruptedly.

Ben Corpuz (left) with her late wife Paulina Corpuz (former PATAC President).

“There are PATAC projects that were initiated by Paulina when she was still alive and they are scheduled to be completed early in the following year. In the absence of leadership, PATAC as an organization cannot function. I am grateful that the board members have entrusted me with carrying on my wife’s legacy of serving Filipinos and Filipino-Canadians through the various projects that PATAC will hold in the future,” Corpuz stated.

Paulina Corpuz’s second phase antiracism project, which she began in the middle of this year, was abruptly halted following her death. The project’s second phase was supposed to begin in November. The group is now working on completing the second phase of the project as a requirement for the funders, as well as bringing relevant antiracism issues to the Toronto community through PATAC events and activities.

PATAC board members held a virtual meeting on December 20, 2022, to fill vacancies left by the passing of former
PATAC president Paula Corpuz.

Elizabeth Pobre, a staunch workers’ advocate and PATAC member, was appointed and unanimously approved as the organization’s treasurer by the PATAC board in attendance.

“I hope I can assist PATAC in any way I can, and I will do my best to contribute to the legacy that Paulina Corpuz has bestowed upon the Filipino community in Toronto,” Pobre said.

The PATAC Constitution and Bylaws are very clear on the organization’s leadership structure, and mandate that the board of directors fill vacancies through resolutions approved by the board until the next general assembly of the organisation is held for the next election of officers.

PATAC’s  current board of directors include Elena Balisi-Grajo, the current Vice President of Governance, Mary Ellinelle Maddie, Renalyn Pascua-Matte, Francelia Jojo Ampioco, Nicolo Grajo, and Lui Queano.