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Gathering of migrants, refugees and advocates in Bangkok, Thailand

Gathering of migrants, refugees and advocates in Bangkok, Thailand

The Global Assembly of the International Migrants Alliance was held this past November 30th to December 3rd in Bangkok, Thailand. Over 150 delegates attended from 28 countries representing 111 organizations came together to discuss the global trends in migration and as well as the distinct regional issues of migrant workers. Under the theme “Strengthen our ranks, expand our movement! Unite with workers and the oppressed and exploited peoples to confront the crisis and fight imperialism! Build a new system without forced migration and commodification of migrants! member organizations and observers discussed the political situation of migrants and refugees worldwide. The international gathering also served as the 5th general assembly of International Migrants Alliance, the first ever global alliance of, for and led by grassroots migrants founded in June 2008. It welcomed new member organizations and approved new resolutions and elected a new set of officers.

Bangkok hosted the International Migrants Alliance Global Assembly November 30–December 3. 150 delegates from 28
countries representing 111 organisations discussed global migration trends and regional migrant worker issues.

Delegations from various global regions and countries presented emerging issues from their regions.  The Canadian delegation was composed of several organizations namely PINAY Quebec, Immigrant Workers Centre, Mouvement contre le viol et l’inceste MCVI, Migrante Canada, AWARE, United Church of Canada and Migrants Resource Centre Canada coming from three provinces (AB, ON, QC). Representatives from the Migrants Resource Centre Canada and AWARE presented a report back on the pressing issues migrant workers and refugees face in Canada today.

Some of the themes and issues highlighted by the delegations were:

  • Canada’s role in imperialist wars and wars of aggression (i.e., role in Haiti, Ukraine and other countries)
  • Canadian mining companies’ role in extractive industries abroad especially in the global south.
  • The need to amplify the fight against all forms of Trafficking.
  • Intensify pressure for Canada to sign the UN Convention for the Protection of Migrant’s and their families. Expose Canada’s designation as a “champion” country in the Global Compact for Migration.
  • The need to amplify the issue of violence against migrant women.
  • To expand the alliance’ concerns on the other sub sections of migrant workers. i.e., international students, sea based migrant workers.  
  • The removal of the Third Safe Country Agreement.
  • To gather more support for the Regularizations campaign and strengthening and expanding the migrant workers movement in Canada.

Canada based member organization concluded the report back with a commitment to strengthen the country chapter of International Migrants Alliance in Canada to serve as the broadest anti-imperialist alliance of migrants and refugees in Canada.

For more information and to learn more about the International Migrants Alliance in Canada, contact: [email protected]

The international meeting was also the 5th general assembly of the International Migrants Alliance, which
was founded in June 2008 and is the world’s first alliance of, for, and led by migrants from the ground up.
It welcomed new member groups, passed new resolutions, and chose a new group of officers.