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Filipino Migrants say No to Marcos ChaCha!

Filipino Migrants say No to Marcos ChaCha!

Migrante BC vehemently condemns the swift and underhanded maneuvering of Resolution on Both House No. 7 (RBH7) by the legislators in the House of Representatives.

Despite widespread opposition and glaring concerns regarding the 100% full ownership of public utilities, educational institutions, and even advertising, the House of Representatives callously pushed through the approval of RBH7 on committee level and Second Reading. We anticipate the imminent railroad of this resolution through the 3rd and final reading, culminating in its passage by the plenary congress.

Overseas Filipinos express strong disapproval over the railroading of Marcos charter change (Photo credit: Migrante BC)

Instead of addressing urgent issues such as the wage hike bill, support for farmers, and the expansion of social services, these legislators are shamelessly prioritizing their own political agendas, including term extensions. However, the ramifications of this move extend far beyond personal gain. If they are allowed to change the constitution, they will obliterate the hard-won provisions that protect our freedoms and rights, leaving us at the mercy of systemic corruption, injustice, and the full dominance of US imperialism.

The consequences of these actions in the Philippines reverberate strongly among Filipino migrants, as we fear for the well-being of our families and fellow countrymen. This insidious actions, fueled by corrupt politicians and subservience to foreign powers, threatens to plunge our loved ones into deeper poverty and injustice.

We urge our kababayan in Canada to remain vigilant and join us in taking decisive action. Let our voices be heard not only here but also in the Philippines. We reject the Marcos Charter Change! What we demand is genuine change!

No To Marcos ChaCha!

Migrants Says No To ChaCha!