On the Proposed Marcos Jr Charter Change (CHACHA)


by Pinoy Overseas Coalition against Charter Change (POCHA)-Canada

We, on behalf of the Pinoy Overseas Coalition Against Charter Change (POCHA), urge our kababayan and all patriotic forces that are obligated to resist and reject the Marcos Jr.’s charter change (CHACHA).

The proposed Marcos Charter Change (CHACHA) in the lower and upper houses of Congress is deemed deceitful, impracticable, divisive, and contrary to the welfare of the Filipino people. It neglects the well-being of the Filipino people and instead focuses on satisfying the greedy and self-centered objectives of government officials for prolonged terms, the continuation of their political dynasties, and personal enrichment at the expense of the people’s interests.

Our compatriots who are living abroad have every right to be furious and should make every effort to resist and reject Marcos Jr.’s proposed constitutional amendment. The attempt to amend the Philippine Constitution serves a malicious purpose at a crucial moment when there are more pressing issues that demand attention. The Filipino people are currently dealing with a number of pressing issues, including the phase-out of jeepneys, rising living costs and unemployment, China’s aggressive actions in the West Philippine Sea, increased attacks on rights defenders, community leaders, and workers as a result of redtagging, the militarization of indigenous communities in response to irresponsible mining, and a variety of other concerns. Instead than focusing on the charter change, the current government should prioritize the people’s problems.

Amending the Philippine Constitution to remove economic constraints and encourage more foreign investment will result in complete and severe foreign dominance of the Philippine economy, particularly in our public utilities, education system, advertising, and entertainment. Lifting these limits in order to reportedly raise investments, create jobs, and stimulate the economy does not guarantee development, but rather results in the loss of the Filipino people’s economic sovereignty and national patrimony. In fact, the primary objective of the Charter change is to allow foreign investors to acquire entire ownership and control of all natural resources and economic businesses, up to 100 percent. Wala na pong ititira sa ating mga Pilipino. Wala na pong maiiwan sa ating mga anak . Walang ititira para sa Pilipinas at para sa mga Pilipino!

The Marcos chacha is  also determined to allow unrestricted presence and operations of foreign military forces, including those from the US, China, and Canada, as part of its Indo-Pacific Strategy program. Additionally, Marcos Chacha aims to eliminate the constitutional provisions that prohibit foreign military bases and the possession of nuclear, chemical, biological, and other weapons of mass destruction in the Philippines. Inihaharap po ang ating bayan sa digmaan  ng mga dayuhan. Ibinibala tayo sa kaaway ng mga dayuhan. Tayo ang mapupuruhan dahil sa mga base militar.

The Pinoy Overseas Coalition Against Charter Change cordially extends an invitation to you to stand together with us, therefore amplifying our collective voice in vehemently opposing and rejecting the Marcos charter change. Magsamasama po tayo para tutulan, labanan at biguin ang Marcos Jr ChaCha na nagbebenta sa dayuhan ng ating kasarinlan, soberanya at kinabukasan ng ating bayan! Tuloy po ang Laban sapagkat atin po ang Pilipinas at ang Pilipinas ay para sa mga Pilipino! Mabuhay po tayong lahat!


Ning Torres-Upton


Pinoy Overseas Coalition Against Charter Change-CANADA